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Here Are the Announcements That “Didn’t” Excite Me At Apple’s WWDC Event.

Yesterday, Apple came, announced, won hearts and left others with broken hearts especially with the iOS 11 features. Even though the iOS 11 brings a lot of features on board, it seems the iPad has majority of the cool features. For example, you get the multitasking ability that lets users pull up an app from the dock and drag it onto the screen to split the screen. Other generic features include improved Siri, phone-to-phone payments within iMessage (not relevant in Nigeria, for now) a control center that collates all functions in one place. There is the “Do Not Disturb while Driving” feature that knows when users are driving. Then there is the upgraded Photos app that can create collages of pictures and videos called Memories and uses AI to spot key moments such as anniversaries.

For those wondering, the Files app is indeed available for both iPhone and the iPad.

Now, another interesting announcement is this:


Sorry, this:

Yes, that is the HomePod, Apple’s foray into the smart speaker market, a market that is currently dominated by Google’s Google home and Amazon’s Echo. According to Apple, the HomePod will deliver a next-level listening experience thanks to an array of features including Apple’s A8 chip  (the chip that powers the latest iPhones). However, getting one would set you back by $359.

I guess the price tag drained all the excitement I had.

Now, even though I don’t intend to buy the new Macbook Pro (Because, no $2000 in the account), I was still expecting to see something groundbreaking. Although the new MacBook Pro comes with Kaby Lake chips and other minor features, they provide little reason to upgrade, especially if you own the 2016 variant.

Then, there is the iMac Pro (This excited me, though) — which is the most powerful Mac Apple has ever made. It has processors up to 22 teraflops and memory up to 128GB including 4 terabytes of storage. It even has a keyboard and trackpad to match. All of which you get at a starting price of  $5000.

Now,  Sierra also gets an upgrade — the macOS High Sierra. It does come with a couple of updates especially when it comes to graphics support,  but it is clear that the iOS 11 outshined the MacOS this year.

Another announcement that didn’t even get a stir me up is the new iPad 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro. One major feature is that it allows the display of a full-size onscreen keyboard and enables users to attach a full-size Smart Keyboard.


Same old design!
No 3D touch!
No OLED display! And
No Matt /Jet black option.

Other not-so-worthy mentions include TVOS, WatchOS, and ARKit (A dev kit to help developers make the leap to AR).

That is that, people! What are your thoughts?


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