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Android Will Tell You the WiFi Speed Before You Connect to It. But Do You Really Have Time for That?

Android Oreo users in Nigeria, where you at?

Google has announced that Android 8.1 Oreo will display the speed of nearby open WiFi networks so that you can decide whether they’re worth connecting to. So, instead of just seeing the name of the WiFi, you will be able to see the speed labels, which include:

  • Slow (0-1Mbps): Wi-Fi calling, send texts.
  • OK (1-5Mbps): Read web pages, use social media, stream music.
  • Fast (5-20Mbps): Stream video.
  • Very Fast (Over 20Mbps): Stream high-quality videos.

Nice, right?

However, I have two questions.

For one, how does Google know how fast a Wifi network is without connecting to it?

I am guessing that Google would determine the speed either through the signal strength of the WiFi (Not likely) or they’d use the data gleaned from other Android devices that have previously connected to the WiFi — this is plausible since Google says that you can turn this new feature off by changing a “Network Rating Provider” option from “Google” to “none”.

Now the second question is this, knowing how difficult finding a free WiFi hotspot is, especially in Nigeria, would you ignore one (Let’s say in a BRT bus) because it has been labeled as slow?


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