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This Is How I Turn Portrait Apps Like Instagram & Others To Landscape Mode.

I hate when things don’t go my way, Instagram’s portrait mode is part of the things that don’t go my way. For example, imagine I am using the landscape mode for whatever reason I deem fit, I won’t be able to use that mode with Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps thanks to the fact that they are too stubborn to bend to my wishes.  All that is in the past as the app you are about to meet will force them to dance to your tune whether they like it or not.

Phonearena wrote about another rotation app that does the same function, but I prefer this one.  Meet the free Rotation Control.


phone rotation



Like I said, this app will turn apps like Instagram


Zenith Bank App



Snapchat, etcetera to horizontal mode.




To download, click here, it is just 1MB in size.  Switch on the controlling rotation option, you can also enable the start on boot option.


Dassol! Just select any mode from the notification panel. For the best mode combination, I’d suggest you switch on the shield icon (This is to forcefully turn any app) and the 2nd icon beside it.

rotation app

This app is my favorite because it will allow you change to any mode right from the notification panel (no additional window). You can also switch back to  portrait mode anytime you want to. (By the way, if your phone has lost a part of its touch capabilities, this app can be a lifesaver).

Instagram and others, who’s your daddy now?



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