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You Might Get An Opportunity To Name Android N

I am sure MKT users who are still stuck on Kit Kat are like:

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Hehe, well, Google is not about to calm down for you. Google’s next major build of Android will be called Android N and going by their past names, we all know it will be coined from a dessert.


However, unlike their previous style of selecting names, let’s call it the Militant way, Google might be democratic they might want you to choose what N is going to be in an Online poll.
android-nSpeaking at a conference in India recently, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the company could be considering launching an online poll in which users can vote to choose the name of the next Android build.


According to Pichai,

Maybe what I’ll do next time, is when we’re working on the next release of Android, Android N, maybe we’ll do an online poll on what the name should be. And if all Indians vote… I think we can make it happen!”

Even if this is not certain, it does give us a hint as to what we should be expecting come Next year.

Nuttela  on my mind.



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