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All Things Apple: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

With the recent release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple Inc. need not pay to be in the news. A lot has happened for the company both the good, the bad and well the ugly.

In order not to be the bearer of bad news, I’d start with the good news first.



It wouldn’t take a genius to know that Apple has a winning streak. The Cupertino company announced a record breaking sales over the weekend, they sold  13 million iPhone 6s and 6s plus within just 3 days of it launch beating their previous record of 10 million.


You should all bear in mind that the sales were only available in some countries, so expect the sales to hit the roof when it opens up to more countries.

Apple, tell me your secrets, please.


iPhone 6s Has A Longer Battery Life Than Its Predecessor

According to a battery test conducted by PhoneArena, they have discovered that the iPhone 6s battery clocked a usage time of 8 hours and 15 minutes, this is versus the iPhone 6 which came in at 5 hours 22 minutes. .

iphone_6s_battery-640x306As seen in the graph, the iPhone 6s  beats the S6 edge. However, Samsung’s S6 active is still King.



A Reddit thread revealed that there were some users who complained that their iPhones had been overheating. The overheating error message appeared when the user tried to launch the camera app.

According to the original poster, “I’ve never had this problem with my 6 plus. I live in Tucson, but it was a cool 88°F at the time I was trying to take pictures. The phone hadn’t been used for anything intensive or demanding prior to trying to take pics, just cruising through Facebook randomly, and was stowed away in my back pocket mostly. I’ve noticed this phone, 6s Plus, has been the warmest to the touch of all the iPhones I’ve owned.”




People and their crazy thirst for fame. This isn’t really about Apple Inc. It’s more about  some people trying to waste money that can be given to MissTechy.

The guys at FullMag decided that they’ve had enough of the iPhone 6s, so they came up with a crazy idea of dipping the device into a liquid nitrogen which will freeze the handset into a solid block after which they’d apply a sledgehammer to it.

So, if you have bought the iPhone 6s or 6s plus and are deterred by the bad news I mentioned and probably don’t want it anymore. Mbok, I am available!


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