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All The Tech News I Missed In Memes

I admit, I have been off the radar, but here is a summary of went down yesterday and today.


Before now, you could get this feature from third party apps, but Instagram has decided to bless us with their own version which is dope and easy! Just click on options and scroll to “add account” in the last column! Voila!!


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2. PornHub wants To save the Sperm Whale with your help.

To save sperm whales, Pornhub wants you to watch more porn videos! According to them, for every 2,000 videos you watch on Pornhub, they will donate one penny to the Washington-based Moclips Cetelogical Society.  Kudos to their advertising team!

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3. Live Photo Of Galaxy S7 Edge

As speculated, it does indeed look like the Galaxy S6.  We can also see that it has an impressive 134704 in the anTuTu benchmark test.

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4.  Google CEO is a really rich man

When you are the CEO of the largest search giant in the world, it is only expected that you earn much, for those wondering, Google CEO Sundar Pichai received $199 million worth of shares which takes his net wealth to $650 million worth of stocks in Alphabet.

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Sadly, he is!

4. The White House WIFI Is As Bad As Yours, Sorta.

It can definitely not be as bad as GLO’s. In an interview with CBS, President Obama claims that the White house has bad WIFI. His wife, Michelle feels the same way, she also feels that the WIFI situation is beginning to irk their two daughters.

Even though I feel the President’s pain ( We all know how annoying a slow internet can be), I really want to know their definition of bad WIFI!



That is all I can take, let me know your thoughts.

Update: Changed the sperm whale meme because of the misinterpretations.


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