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This Android/iOS App Is Guaranteed To Wake You Up From The Deepest Sleep

Imagine working the whole night to finish a particular project, but you need still need to be awake the next morning, of course, the next thing is to set an alarm – however, we all know how ineffective the ancient alarm clock is.



Or a smartphone’s alarm clock that you can snooze easily



How about an alarm clock that will give you something different and also ensure you are wide awake.


Meet Alarmy the annoying app that will force you to wake up from your bed.

alarmyHere are the things that make Alarmy special:

1. The annoying ring tone.. aargh
2. The fact that you need to complete a task before it can go off.
3. Finally, you can’t snooze the alarm or even power off your device

Having over 1 million app installs means that a lot of people rely on this app. To install, click here (for android) and here (for iOS). Set the time you want to wake up, ensure you select Loud Ringtone to get the most annoying ringtone ever!


You can also choose from a variety of tasks. I’d advise you pick the mathematics task or the picture task (this will allow you take the exact same picture you took while setting the alarm) they do the job well.

If it doesn’t, sue me :p


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