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According to Microsoft, Bing is ‘Bigger Than You Think.’

For a second, yeah, I read the post on Microsoft’s blog as Bing is Binger than you think!

Here is the meaning of Binger:

Hey! Don’t judge me:

Anyway, Microsoft provided some numbers that showed just how big Bing is. The number revealed that one-third of searches in the US are powered by Bing.

Not only that, Microsoft’s metrics indicate that Bing has a nine percent share of the global search market, handling 12 billion individual searches every month.

Who are these people using Bing, you ask?!

Personally, I use bing to find results I know Google filters out (It’s not what you are thinking, trust me).

Microsoft might never be able to knock Google from its throne, but they have also demonstrated that they are not giving up anytime soon!

In related news, did you see the  dic, sorry penis picture on Bing’s homepage?


This picture?


(Psst: For those who are wondering why Mourinho’s gifs/memes are all up in this article, it has to do with the 3 goals in 4 minutes that happened today #JustSaying). 


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