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A is for Arc!

B is for Bezel-less
C is for Curves

… And Sony is choosing to go with A!

The company hasn’t gotten that much attention as a phone maker after it launched the first 4k Phone – the Xperia Z5, but they are refusing to give up! They launched a teaser video on Twitter that showed us what could come next.

A phone with an arc!

Or should I say a curved back – an Xperia Arc Sequel!

Xperia Arc announced in 2011.

The only thing we can use as a reference (for now) is the image above, but I am scared for Sony.

For one, most phone companies dumped the curved back years ago, so launching one in 2018 seems a bit backward. Then there is also the fact that a curved back device wouldn’t lay flat on a surface, so there is a slim chance that this could get the “positive attention,” but I could be wrong, and maybe Sony could pull this one off without breaking a sweat.

We’d have to wait until Monday to find out, though.


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