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7 Things Apple’s N130,000 Smart Speaker Can’t Do.

Reviews have started pouring in for the HomePod, which would be available on the 9th of February, and so far, reviewers have had mixed feelings about Apple’s smart speaker.


Take this one from Business Insider as an example, according to their review:

  1. You can’t pair the HomePod with your Android phones.

Android Fans, right now:

2. The HomePod won’t be able to recognize different people’s voices, so you can’t set up user profiles.

3. You won’t be able to check your calendar using the HomePod.

4. Like the Verge also noted, the HomePod does not work well with other streaming services besides Apple Music and iTunes Match.

5. You can’t connect the HomePod to another device using an auxiliary cord.

6. The HomePod can’t make calls on its own (To call, you need to dial the person’s number on your iPhone and manually select that the call play through the HomePod).


7. There is also the fact that It won’t answer random questions like “Hey Siri WHY CAN’T YOU DO ALL THESE STUFF ABOVE?!|”

Even though reviews claim that the sound coming from the HomePod is awesome, (there is also the fact that it comes with “room-sensing technology and the ability to work as a HomeKit hub), but based on the limitations, I can’t help but think that Apple launched the HomePod a bit too early, they could’ve at least tried to fix issue 6:


So, any Apple Fanboy hoping to get one?


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