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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Galaxy A7 (2017).

Despite the fact that the Galaxy A7 is a semi mid-range device, it comes with a lot of premium features  — features that make it a major contender when you want to buy a new smartphone, here are the top 4.

Mouth-watering Camera Capabilities

Honestly, the camera is one of the unique selling points of the Galaxy A7. From the specification sheet, you get a 16MP f1.9 with PDAF which might not seem like a lot, but in real world conditions, it is definitely a camera that is worth the attention.

The images coming out of the 16MP sensor are exceptional and crystal clear.

The colour reproduction is near perfect and you can barely notice any noise, although you might notice them at night.

USB Type-C + Fast Charging

Like I said, you get a premium feature at a not-so-premium price tag and one of the features is the trending USB Type-C alongside fast charging, let’s not forget about the impressive battery life. The reversible cable provided is also good and for sure will last much longer than the usual Type A USB cable that you usually see.

The reversible cable provided is also good and will last much longer than the Type A USB cable that you usually see.


Dust & Water Resistant (IP68) Feature.

Another premium feature is the IP68 water certification. During my usage, I faced a lot of situations that involved water, but still managed to use the phone without any issues.

Always On Display

At the moment, you won’t get a smartphone within a similar price range that comes with this feature by default, (except for the Galaxy A5(2017)). For me, this is an essential feature because you can save a lot of time (and the durability of your power button, if I might add).

So, rather than pressing the power button from time to time to check the latest notification(s) or even the time, just glance at your device.

Verdict: All-In-One

 If you don’t like to spend too much on a premium smartphone and would rather get a good one which could last for a long period of time then is perfect. It can be your ultimate multitasking gadget, an outdoor companion as well as a great “image runner”.



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