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Is 10GB of RAM in a Phone an Overkill?

For some of us:

Now, even if your answer is yes, it won’t stop Vivo from launching one.

According to the rumors, Vivo would once again have another first! The company might be the first to launch a Smartphone with 10GB of RAM, 512GB of internal storage and an embedded fingerprint sensor.

The name? Vivo XPlay7

Here is the interesting part, the same company that owns Vivo —BBK Electronics—also owns OPPO and OnePlus (Notice the trend with these devices?)

Given the rumored specs, you should expect to break the bank on this one (or not), and as far as the release date is concerned, rumors claim that it might get unveiled at the MWC2018 event. Until then I think it’s time I upgrade my MacBook’s RAM, don’t want to be outdone by a Smartphone.

On a serious note, though, I am of the opinion that 10GB of RAM on an Android Phone is an overkill thanks to Android’s RAM management system which is vastly different from Windows or MAC systems, but while these can be considered an overkill right now, inevitably, VR, AR, and others will gradually begin to demand those resources, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a device that can handle future demands.


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