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10-Year Old Gets $10,000 From Facebook For Hacking Instagram

While we were busy Facebooking, Tweeting, Snapchatting, and Instagramming, a 10-year-old Finnish kid hacked Instagram legally, now he is $10,000 richer.

Jani found a vulnerability that allowed him to delete any comment on Instagram, he took it a step further by deleting a comment Facebook made on a test account. After discovering the vulnerability, which could have been a big deal if it wasn’t dealt with, the 10-year-old kid emailed Instagram, who issued a patch within a few days and in return, Facebook gave him a $10,000 prize as part of their bug bounty program. (The bug bounty program offers rewards to White Hat hackers and other researchers who find bugs or security flaws in their code).


The previous record was set by a 13-year-old back in 2013, making Jani, the youngest person to crack one of Facebook’s products.

In case you didn’t see the featured image, let me drop it here again. *Whistling*



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