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10 Tech Struggles From The ’90s That Kids Today Will Never Understand

I have a cute 4-year-old baby in the house that already knows my android pattern and can even navigate to my camera, games, and music without any hassle, but rewind back to me at that age.

Thanks to the fact that the world has vastly changed over the last 20 years, the Kids today will never know the true tech struggles that we had to bear.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how real the struggle was.

  1. Downloading in the 90s was a struggle! I remember I tried clicking on the file icon because I felt it will improve the speed 🙁ezgif-1152241185


2. This never ending search to get to one program556e9d446e9b8

3. Or that face you make when this happens556e9d436de1c

4. Don’t get me started on the struggle we went through to get the perfect ringtone.


5. Or that dreadful feeling you get when you lose this ball, Blue Band’s B without BB song comes to mind.


6. I remember when I had to do a scale of message preference when this happened and all I could think of was  “which of my boyfriend’s messages deserve to be deleted?”


7.  Windows 95 PinBall rescuing kids from boredom since 1990.



8. Do you remember the Computer repairman that always had a bag full of software CDs?556e96bf6c434


9. If you didn’t encounter this at home, at least, you must have seen it in a cyber cafe.

giphy (5)

10. Finally, let me leave you with this one


Thank God for change, but the truth is, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!

Any 90s baby in the house??


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